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Top 5 Affordable Ways to Limit Pests in Your Home

Removing pests from your home is never an easy process, whether you are dealing with rodents, bed bugs, or termites. Pests can enter your home in many different ways and cause significant damage in only a short amount of time. Staying proactive is a great way to prevent pests from entering your house while also saving you a lot of stress.

Here are a few tips to remember to help you limit pests in your home.

#1 Check for Cracks and Openings

One of the best ways to limit pests is to always check for cracks and openings in your house. Many pests can crawl through the smallest openings in your home. Checking your doors and windows regularly is a great way to stay proactive. Scheduling repairs as soon as possible is essential in preventing pests from invading your home.

#2 Clean Your Drains

Another way to protect your homes from pest infestations is to clean your drains on a yearly basis. Keeping your drains clean is a great way to avoid the accumulation of dirt and debris. On the other hand, failure to keep your drains clean makes them the perfect breeding ground for small flies. The easiest way to keep your drains clean is to use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to flush out clogs and debris.

#3 Avoid Using Mulch Around Your House

Many people use mulch around flower beds to prevent weeds and retain moisture. Unfortunately, mulch is a great way to attract pests around your home, as it provides much-needed shelter. Choosing to use rocks instead of mulch is a better option. It is also a good idea to trim shrubs and tree branches next to your home to reduce the chance of a pest from entering your home.

#4 Keep Your Home and Yard Clean

Most pests are attracted to household garbage, as it provides an excellent food source. Always throwing away trash and cleaning your home frequently is essential in keeping your home free from pests. It is also a great idea to keep your yard clean and well-maintained, as it makes it much more difficult for pests to live around your house.

#5 Always Store Food in Sealed Containers

Taking the time to store your food in sealed containers is important in preventing pests from living in your home. It is also important to throw away old food to avoid attracting pests in your kitchen, as rodents have a superb sense of smell. Reusable containers and bags are a great way to keep your food safe from pests.

Following these tips is an excellent way to stay proactive and limit the chance of pests living in your home. Always keeping a watchful eye for small cracks, cleaning your drains, and keeping your home clean are essential in creating a pest-free environment. Cleaning your home often and storing food in sealed containers is also important in keeping your home free of all types of pests.

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Affordable Home Improvements to Keep Pests Away without Pesticides. 



Everyone knows someone who when faced with a problem around the house would prefer to try DIY tips over forking over hard-earned money to hire a professional to do the job.

There are many avenues for Do It Yourself home improvements, so most of us need a good place to start. Pesticides are inevitable but unwanted guests in every home right from the time that foundations are treated for termites. Drift from the lawns of a neighbour affects even those of us who discourage pesticide application. You can make a significant contribution to the wellness of your family by starting your New Years DIY home improvements agenda with a three-step plan to cut back on visits by professional pest control operators with their kits of deadly pesticides.

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*   Restrict the number of places in the house where people eat and drink, and do a thorough job of sweeping and mopping these areas at least once a day. Most colonies of pests will stay away if they are denied food.
* Follow a rotational schedule of moving things around. Rodents, bugs, roaches and adult flying insects all look for places where they can breed undisturbed. Stagnant pools of water, piles of old clothes in cupboards, drawers and shelves of papers and books, are favourites. The simple acts of keeping corners dry and shuffling collectibles around with a modicum of wiping and dusting produce great results in keeping many pests away.
* Ask neighbours to let you know in advance when they call in a pest control operator. Most pesticides have fumigant and repellant effects, which drive pest colonies to your home in frantic search for shelter when a neighbouring house is treated with pesticides. Drains and sinks in kitchens and bathrooms are popular sanctuaries during pesticide application at a neighbouring location!

We cannot do without pesticides altogether. There are no effective alternatives to using them to get rid of weeds and to keep infectious fungi away from our walls. Every surface made from the bark of trees will always be vulnerable to termites and other insects that enjoy this kind of food. However, we can reduce the incidence of pests, and thereby the frequency and range of pesticide use by improving our hygiene and cleanliness habits.

Some of the best do-it-yourself home improvements cost nothing!

What Not To Do When You Have A Pest Raccoon, Squirrel, Skunk Or Bird Problem. AFFORDABLE PEST REMOVAL TIPS
What Not To Do When You Have A Pest Raccoon, Squirrel, Skunk Or Bird Problem. AFFORDABLE PEST REMOVAL TIPS

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