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Due to their adaptability and persistent nature, raccoons have made a comfortable home for themselves in urban areas like Toronto. But with fewer wooded areas to claim, you might find these little mammals moving into your attic, garden, balcony, or garage. If you’ve discovered a raccoon or family of raccoons on your property, it’s best to act quickly and get in touch with a raccoon removal expert to prevent or lessen the damage incurred by these crafty creatures.

The Brampton Raccoon Population

The common raccoon can be found throughout the city of Brampton, roaming the streets and trails in search of food and shelter. These medium-sized mammals have a distinctive black and white face, grayish coat, and ringed tail. Some variants have brown, black, or reddish fur. Because they’re nocturnal, these mammals sleep during the day in a den or high location (like a tree) and are active at night. While they don’t technically hibernate in the winter, raccoons tend to stay in their dens to wait out the Brampton cold, typically emerging only on mild winter days in search of food.

Raccoons generally won’t bite humans, but they may attack if provoked in some way or if their babies (known as kits) are threatened. Because raccoon bites and scratches can transmit serious diseases, including rabies, it’s important for humans and pets to get checked immediately after a wild raccoon attack. You can also contract parasites, like roundworms, through contact with a raccoon or with their droppings.

Common Raccoon Problems

The number one problem that Brampton residents can expect from raccoons concerns their garbage cans and green compost bins. Because their paws are incredibly dexterous, these mammals have been known to remove tightly fitting lids to gain access to the garbage inside. They’re also strong enough to tip the cans and bins over. And once they’ve started rooting around in your trash, other creatures, like mice, foxes, skunks, and squirrels, will also be attracted to the free buffet.

These clever creatures are also known for digging up grass to find grubs. They may create holes here and there on your front lawn or in your backyard, or even pull up whole patches of sod to find insects to eat. They’ll also pilfer fruits and vegetables from your garden or trees, especially if you’re growing grapes, strawberries, potatoes, apples, or peas.

Raccoons are good climbers and are always on the lookout for warm, sheltered areas to raise their families. They can easily find their way onto your roof by climbing nearby trees, bushes, or fences, or sometimes by climbing your downspout. Once they’ve reached the roof, they may enter your home through an uncapped chimney or find an opening to your attic through loose shingles or holes in your roof or eaves. If they can’t gain access from above, they are also known to hide under decks or sheds.

Raccoons sleep during the day up high in trees, but in cities, they may have to settle for the roof of your home, shed, or garage, a window ledge, or your balcony. If you find one sleeping on your property, it’s best to wait a full 24 hours before calling for help, as they’ll often move on after one night. Keep an eye on the situation, though, as they might be looking for one of the access points listed above. If the animal looks or sounds injured, request advice or assistance immediately from a Brampton animal services company.

Professional Raccoon Removal Services in Brampton

Since they can carry diseases and parasites, it’s recommended to have a professional wildlife control expert handle a recurring raccoon problem. These trained professionals will thoroughly assess the situation and create a personalized plan to humanely remove the creatures from your property. They’ll also know where and how to check for kits, ensuring raccoon families are kept together. While they’re most often born in May, the birthing season can range from March to September, so it’s important to check thoroughly whenever a den is found.

Professionals also know how to solve your raccoon problems humanely, which may consist of properly relocating the creatures or encouraging them to leave on their own. Since relocating can cause distress to these animals, this method should only be used by those who know about raccoon behaviour. You’ll also want to ensure that the company you choose uses humane cage traps and relocates them in an appropriate area.

Because they’re quite clever, encouraging a raccoon or raccoon family to vacate on their own requires careful planning. A professional raccoon removal company will block off the entry points to your attic, shed, or other structure, leaving only one exit point. They’ll also fit this hole with special tools to ensure that creatures can only exit, not re-enter. Bright, flashing lights, sounds, smells they don’t like, or a combination of all three will be used to make the space feel inhospitable, which will ensure they leave in a hurry. And once they’re gone, the wildlife company can fully secure the remaining hole. A reputable company will also guarantee their services for a period of time (usually at least a year), so be sure to ask about this while getting a work estimate.

If raccoons or other critters have made a mess of your lawn, you’ll want to call a lawn care company rather than a wildlife company. While it may be disheartening to see holes in your yard, it can actually be a blessing in disguise. Raccoons dig to find grubs to feed on – the same grubs that in turn feed on lawn grass roots, causing them to wilt and discolour. By calling in a lawn care company to help treat the grubs, you’ll not only remove the raccoon’s food source but will also prevent your grass from turning yellow or brown.

Because cosmetic pesticides are banned in Ontario, nematodes are used instead to control grub populations. Applying nematodes annually in August or September is the best way to target these pests. You can also have your lawn aerated by a maintenance company annually in the spring or fall to encourage deeper and stronger root systems that are more difficult for the grubs to damage.

At-Home Raccoon Prevention Techniques

Preventing raccoons and other mammals from damaging your home and yard is as easy as cutting off their food supply. Start by keeping garbage cans and green bins inside the garage until pick-up day, or if no secured space is available, use only raccoon-proof lids. You should also install a chimney cap, trim tree branches that hang near your roof, and check the entirety of your property periodically to find and repair any new cracks or holes. Keeping your lawn well-aerated and grub-free will also help to keep these mammals from treating your yard like a free buffet.

While the cleverness and dexterity of these mammals are impressive, this admiration can also turn to annoyance if a raccoon uses these skills to invade your property. Call in a Brampton raccoon removal expert to take care of your critter problem quickly, thoroughly, and humanely. Then, be sure to practice smart wildlife prevention strategies to ensure you have no more unwanted guests living in your attic, shed, garden, or balcony.

Best Raccoon Removal Brampton Tips for Keeping Raccoons Off Your Property

 Raccoons may be cute when they are playing in a tree or on the fence, but they are decidedly less adorable when they are rooting through your garbage can or even worse, breaking into your attic. If you have emerged from the house in the early morning hours to find an upturned garbage can, broken shingles or soffit twisted out of place, you are not alone. Raccoons in Brampton, Ontario are smart and curious, and they are able to get into some very unusual places.

AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews - Affordable Wildlife Removal Toronto Reviews
AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews – Affordable Wildlife Removal Toronto Reviews

From densely populated urban centres like Toronto, to spread out suburbs to rural wooded areas, like Brampton and Caledon, raccoons are increasingly making their homes alongside their human neighbours, and that has led to some notable clashes – and a lot of property damage.

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If you want to keep the neighbourhood raccoons from choosing your home, you need to take steps to raccoon-proof your property, which is a much more cost-effective way to deal with the problem. Raccoons may be intelligent and curious, but in the end, they are mostly looking for a free meal. So making your property the least attractive one on the block is the best way to convince these tiny bandits to move on.


Here are some practical tips to keep raccoons away from your Brampton home and out of your garbage cans.


  • Keep your yard clean and free of trash, food waste and debris.
  • Reduce the amount of food waste you generate by using a secure compost bin to process leafy greens and organic leftovers.
  • Check your home, sheds and decks for holes and cracks that could allow raccoons to enter. Seal those cracks and check the security of the seals on a regular basis.
  • Place spotlights near any possible entry point to the attic. Raccoons are nocturnal, and the light might keep them at bay.
  • A radio or other source of noise is another effective raccoon deterrent. Raccoons will seek quiet refuges and hiding places when staking out your home.
  •   Invest in a raccoon-proof trash storage area and keep it closed. Raccoons are experts at breaking into trash cans, so install a storage area designed to keep them out.
  •  Feeding stray cats is commendable, but be sure to take up the dishes after the kitties have eaten. Leaving food bowls lying around is an open invitation to raccoons and other nuisance pests.
  •   Treat your yard for grubs. Raccoons are voracious insect eaters, and grubs are among their favourite food sources. Treating your lawn for grubs will close off the midnight buffet and convince roaming raccoons to go elsewhere.
  •   Keep an eye out for raccoons in the backyard. If you spot one raccoon, chances are there are more nearby.


The tips listed above can help you keep raccoons away from your property, but nothing is foolproof. If you suspect that your home has already been visited, it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible. Raccoons may look cute and cuddly, but they can be dangerous, especially when cornered. Raccoons can also harbour rabies and other serious illnesses, and they should be approached with caution.

Live traps can be effective at removing raccoons from your property, but you will need to think things through, specifically what you plan to do once the raccoon is in the trap. In the end, it is often better to call a Raccoon Removal Brampton Service to get rid of those bandit invaders. Calling in a professional will give you peace of mind and help you get rid of raccoons without putting yourself or your family at risk.

If you’re wondering how much raccoon removal costs you can find out here or call a few local wildlife companies for an average cost.

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