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What to Do When You Find Baby Raccoons or Skunks in Your Yard  As the summer winds down, you might discover a nest of young animals in your yard, particularly in an out-of-the-way area such as underneath the porch or deck. If they are quite young, you might wonder what type of animal they are so that you know how to handle the situation. Raccoons are easy to identify because they have telltale dark circles around their eyes even when they are firstborn.


Raccoon Removal Toronto
Raccoon Removal Toronto

Since the average raccoon litter has three to five young, you should expect to see more than one animal. In some cases, female raccoons give birth to as many as seven young. Knowing how many baby raccoons to search for is helpful when you are making arrangements for their removal. This information can also help you in keeping control of the animals until you have them removed. 


Deciding if the Raccoons or Skunks Need Help

  The age of the raccoon determines the immediacy of finding assistance if you are concerned about their survival. Raccoons that are least the size of a small cat are mature enough to take care of themselves, and you can hope that they wander off on their own for survival purposes.

Wildlife Removal Mississauga - Squirrel, raccoon, bird removal Mississauga
Wildlife Removal Mississauga – Squirrel, raccoon, bird removal Mississauga

Baby raccoons that are smaller than a football probably need help to stay alive. If this is the case, you can contact a raccoon control service to come and remove the animals safely for relocation and survival assistance immediately.  Before doing so, you should see if you can determine whether or not an adult raccoon is also living in your yard. If the adult is present, the babies are most likely in good hands, but you’ll still want to send them on their way.


Signs the Baby Raccoons Need Human Assistance


If you don’t feel comfortable making your decision based on size alone, look for the following signs that the raccoons aren’t yet capable of caring for themselves:

. The animals aren’t crying.

. The animals seem comfortable and healthy.

. The animals are moving and/or climbing around the yard.

If you decide to allow the animals to remain in your yard until they are ready to leave on their own, avoid the temptation to feed them. Doing so only encourages these animals to remain where they are.


Observe the raccoons for the next week or so. If you notice signs that they are struggling to survive, you should contact an affordable wildlife specialist immediately. If you are worried that the animals will not leave of their own accord, you should call a wildlife removal service to come and take them away for you as soon as possible.

Wasp Nest & Hornet Removal Service in Toronto.
Wasp Nest & Hornet Removal Service in Toronto.


Baby raccoons might be cute, but they often grow up to become destructive pests. If you find litter in your yard, you can contact raccoon removal specialists to come and take them away for you. If the babies have been abandoned by their mother, you should make the call as soon as possible to avoid having a litter of dead raccoons in your yard.

Want more raccoon control tips, visit affordable wildlife control.

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