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Squirrel Removal Brampton

Affordable Squirrel Removal Brampton

Few animals have benefited from suburban sprawl as much as Eastern Gray Squirrels and Red Squirrels have.

Squirrels normally inhabit forests, but they are now more common in residential areas such as Brampton, Ontario than in their natural habitats.While squirrels aren’t dangerous or wild animals, they can be quite destructive, so you should do everything you can to discourage them from moving onto your property.

A Brampton Wildlife Professional can help you remove squirrels once they take up residence, but there are a number of proactive things you can do on your own to help keep them away.While they’re typically not dangerous to humans, squirrels can cause plenty of damage to homes, gardens, and even cars. These little rodents can be found all over Brampton and other major Ontario cities, searching for food and secluded spots to build their nests.

If a family of squirrels has invaded your property, it’s best to take action immediately. While some wildlife problems can be solved by the property owners themselves, calling in a professional wildlife control company is the best way to ensure the squirrels are managed humanely and removed for good.

The Brampton Squirrel Population

Learning about the unwanted critters you’re dealing with is an important first step toward solving a rodent infestation. Brampton, in Peel Region, is home to two main squirrel species: the Eastern Grey squirrel and the Red squirrel. Eastern Grey squirrels are very common throughout the city. They’re known for their large, bushy tails and grey coats, but variants of this species may have black, brown, or white coats. Red squirrels are smaller and have shorter tails. They’re known for having a reddish coat and tail and grey or white bellies, depending on the season. Red squirrel removal from Brampton attics can be frustrating for homeowners and typically be the most costly.Squirrels in Peel Region can carry several diseases that could be a health hazard to humans and pets, including tularemia, ringworm, and in extremely rare cases, rabies. These diseases are generally transmitted through squirrel bites but may also transmit through scratches or contact with the animal’s urine or droppings. Because they are not typically aggressive unless provoked, bites and scratches are uncommon. Squirrels can also carry parasites like fleas and ticks, which can easily pass to humans and pets via direct or indirect contact.

Common Squirrel Problems In Brampton For Residential And Commercial Customers

Brampton condo owners or renters will likely be very familiar with squirrels, as these little rodents are excellent climbers. They’ll climb to balconies in search of food or temporary shelter but typically move on quickly. However, if they find a food source or safe place to build a nest, they may decide to move in and have babies (known as kits or kittens). If you have any holes in your window or balcony door screens, they may also find their way into your apartment or condo.Homeowners should be wary of squirrels finding their way into the attic. These little climbers can gain access to your roof from nearby tree branches or telephone poles, then squeeze through small holes in a roof vent or soffit that you didn’t even know were there, they can also chew chimney caps and land right in your fireplace. Other structures, including sheds and garages, have several potential entry points and are also susceptible to squirrel and rat infestations too. Once inside, they’ll often build a nest and have babies, increasing your rodent problem. In addition to causing damage to your floors, the urine and droppings they leave behind can be harmful to your indoor air. Squirrels will also chew on any exposed electrical wires they find, which can be extremely dangerous and costly to fix.Their wire-chewing tendencies can put cars and other motor vehicles at risk too. These rodents are attracted to the warmth from the engine, especially in the winter, and have been known to build nests under the hood. Since they have an instinctual need to chew (to control the growth of their incisors), they can do plenty of expensive damage to your vehicle’s inner workings.Squirrels also have no problem damaging your landscaping by digging in the garden for bulbs and pilfering crops from your garden beds. Their keen sense of smell allows them to find flowers, vegetables, or plant bulbs beneath the soil. If you have a fruit- or nut-producing tree on your property, these rodents won’t be able to resist anything that falls off them. Traditional fall decor, including pumpkins and stalks of corn, can also attract these nuisance animals to your doorstep.

Experienced Wildlife Removal Services in Brampton

Inviting experienced technicians from the wildlife removal industry to your Brampton residence to assess your squirrel infestation is the best way to have pest control service ensure your problem is thoroughly and humanely solved. Wildlife Removal Brampton experts know about the habits of the common squirrel, allowing them to not only find and remove the rodents but also to seal their entry points so they’ll never come back again, preventing future invasions. When looking to hire animal removal services, look for ones that practice humane removal methods and guarantee their products and services for extra peace of mind.While live-trapping and relocating these unwanted guests may seem like the most humane solution to remove nuisance wildlife problems, it can cause distress and harm if handled improperly. Not only can the relocation cause territorial disputes with other rodents, but it may also cause a mother squirrel to abandon her babies. Responsible Brampton squirrel removal services will know how to prevent this, either by bringing the babies to a safe location on the same property as the attic they were removed from, or getting the mother squirrel to move them on her own, which is a more humane manner. If you have a squirrel den in your attic, shed, or on the balcony, introducing bright lights, talk radio (human voices), and predator smells can be somewhat effective in encouraging them to leave.

Do It Yourself DIY Pest Control
What Not To Do When You Have A Pest Raccoon, Squirrel, Skunk Bird WILDLIFE CONTROL PROBLEM

Professional squirrel removal companies in Brampton will also know how and where to check for babies to leave no kits behind. While they’re typically born between March and April or July and August, a responsible company will look for kits at any time of year, just in case. These squirrel removal experts will also be able to spot squirrel damage in places you might have missed, like inside your attic walls. Since they’ll chew on anything they can find, including wood, wires, metal, and plastic, it’s nice to have a professional give your property a once-over, so you don’t miss anything.The number-one benefit of calling a professional wildlife control services is their emphasis on long-term solutions to animal issues. These experts are trained to determine exactly how the rodents gained access to your attic, garage, or other structure. Because they are such excellent climbers and can squeeze into holes that look too small for them, it can be difficult for a non-trained person to pinpoint their entry points. Wildlife control experts can also seal up any holes they find using appropriate, squirrel-proof materials.

Squirrel Removal Brampton, At Home Squirrel Prevention Techniques
At Home Affordable Squirrel Removal and Prevention Techniques

Affordable Wildlife Removal Brampton Services

Once they’ve gotten your squirrel family to vacate your attic, the wildlife company you hire should also provide you with personalized suggestions for at-home squirrel proofing. The best thing that Brampton residents can do is remove food sources, especially from garbage cans and green compost bins. Leaving your garbage cans outdoors before pick-up day can attract not only squirrels but also raccoons, skunks, and other unwanted wildlife and pest visitors. Keeping your yard free of leaves, twigs, and dropped fruit or nuts from trees can also help, as these materials are used by squirrels to build nests or as food sources.Brampton squirrel removal companies may also install or recommend squirrel deterrents, including fencing for gardens and motion-detecting lights. It is also advisable to check your property periodically for any further signs of squirrel activity, like rodent paw prints or bite marks from little teeth. Catching the problem early and calling in the help of an affordable squirrel removal Brampton service will reduce the damage to your home.Though they are unlikely to bite or otherwise attack humans, squirrels can cause a lot of trouble for any Brampton resident. If these rodents have invaded your attic, balcony, garden, or another part of your property, take action immediately by calling in a professional squirrel control company. These professionals provide humane, long-term solutions to wildlife problems by removing squirrel families and preventing them from returning. After your squirrel problem is solved, continue to practice proper rodent prevention strategies to discourage these nuisance animals (and other Brampton wildlife) from making your property their next home.

How Do You Know if Squirrels Have Moved into Your Brampton Attic?

Is there any way to discourage squirrels from choosing your home as their new living space? Although squirrels used to live solely in the wild, many of these creatures have become accustomed to living in rural, as well as urban, areas. While they might still exhibit caution around humans, they are not afraid to coexist with them. Squirrels typically look for a safe, warm space in which to nest and have their young. In fact, squirrels can survive in urban areas nearly as long as humans, so they can become permanent house guests unless you arrange to have them removed.

 Seven Signs Squirrels Are Living with You? 

If squirrels have moved into your Brampton attic and you’ve noticed one or more of the following signs, contact wild animal control services:

  1.  Sounds of movement in the attic that sound louder than a mouse would make
  2.  Unusual odours, particularly if they are foul or smell like urine
  3.  Collections of nuts
  4.  Signs that nuts have been buried in your yard or flower pots
  5.  Half-inch-long droppings in the attic or beneath fruit or nut trees
  6.  Holes in wooden sections of your home, that look like chewing
  7. Nests made from vines, twigs, leaves, bark, and other types of debris

Do You Need Raccoon Removal Services in Brampton

Sometimes the noise in the attic is not squirrels but a raccoon problem.Basically, all wildlife control companies’ humane raccoon removal

Brampton Squirrel Removal Tips – Brampton Homeowners Infuriating Invaders

Squirrel Removal Brampton, Brampton Squirrel Removal
Affordable Squirrel Removal Brampton, Brampton Squirrel Removal


Swap Out the Seed in Your Bird Feeders

Squirrels are notorious thieves of the seeds people stock in their bird feeders. It isn’t uncommon for a would-be birdwatcher to look out at their feeder in hopes of seeing a cardinal or blue jay, only to see a half dozen squirrels eating the seed as fast as they can. Not only does this force you to refill your feeders more often, but it provides a great food source for these wildlife animals, which can cause the local squirrel population to explode.Fortunately, this is an easy problem to rectify. Instead of filling your feeders with sunflower seeds or peanuts, fill them with safflower or Nyjer seed. Squirrels find these seeds unpalatable, and will soon stop visiting the feeders entirely for a reasonable cost. 

Remove Potential Squirrel Food Sources

Squirrels move out of the forest and into the suburbs for one simple reason: food. While the forest may present them with a bounty of acorns, the average backyard in southern Ontario contains a litany of edible items. Fruits and vegetables growing in your garden, mushrooms growing on the lawn and bits of food scattered around the bottom of trashcans all represent attractive food sources to a hungry squirrel, and these are often tastier than nuts and seeds.You may not be willing to cut down your favourite apple tree or dig up your vegetable garden, but you should try to limit the number of food sources your yard provides to the local squirrel population. This should help encourage the squirrels to look for places with more food. 

Batten Down the Hatches

Squirrels typically build their nests (called dreys) in the branches of trees or within tree hollows, but they won’t hesitate to sneak into the walls or attic of your home instead. Once there, they often produce a litter of young, thereby increasing the local squirrel population and exacerbating your problem. It can be difficult to deal with such problems once they occur, and you’ll have to wait until the young squirrels grow large enough to move out, before sealing up the holes.Foam is sometimes all that is needed to seal up access points, but some squirrels are more industrious than others. In such cases, you’ll likely need to install wire mesh to deny the squirrels access.  

Trim Back Your Trees

One of the most common ways squirrels accesses your home is via the tree branches overhanging your roof. They will climb up the tree, move out over your house and drop down to the roof below. Once there, they can access virtually any part of your home they like. You can still have trees growing near your home, but you just want to make sure that the trunk and branches are at least 10 feet away from the roofline. Branches that grow over your home are not a problem if they are at least 10 feet above the roof.   

Enlist the Help of a Good Dog

Squirrels spend most of their lives watching for predators, and they often avoid the places that predators frequent. While you may not think of your toy poodle as a dangerous predator, the local squirrels surely will.You never want to endanger your dog by leaving him unattended, but a fenced backyard with a dog will generally have fewer problems with squirrels than a similar house without one. Don’t worry that your dog will hurt the squirrels, your dog is highly unlikely to catch one – but that doesn’t mean he won’t spend hours each day chasing them. Generally speaking, the best way to keep the local squirrel population in check and other urban wildlife out of your attic is to make your property less hospitable to them. Contact an Animal removal Brampton specialist at the first sign of a squirrel-related problem to limit the damage they cause and save yourself some money in the process.


What Should You Do If You Believe Squirrels Have Moved into Your Attic?

If you think that squirrels are living in your attic, you should contact a wildlife control Brampton expert for help and take the humane approach to getting them removed. Squirrels are known to bite people, and domestic animals, particularly when they feel threatened or when babies are involved.

Is There Any Way to Discourage Squirrels from Choosing Your Brampton Attic As Their Home?

The best way to prevent squirrels from moving into your home is to make it less attractive for them. Have a wildlife control company screen over roof vents to eliminate easy access to the attic and prevent further damage. Limit access to food sources by keeping pet food securely stored, getting rid of bird feeders, and placing garbage in a sealed container.

What You Need to Know about Squirrel Removal Brampton Services

Squirrels living in rural and urban areas often move into attics when the weather gets cold or they need a warm nesting area and place to have their young.  If you suspect that squirrels might have moved into your attic, you can look for a variety of signs, such as piles of nuts, droppings, unusual odours and nests. If you discover signs that squirrels are living amongst you, humane methods are the best. Do not attempt to trap and relocate, as there’s a good chance you will unknowingly separate a mother from her young. It’s best to hire a professional squirrel removal company, particularly because the squirrels might bite or scratch you. Rather than deal with the annoyance of having squirrels to deal with, discourage their presence by locking up all food and sealing off all openings in your home’s construction.

Want to read more about squirrels? Visit Affordable Wildlife Control squirrel removal archives.

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