Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nest Removal

Dealing Safely and Effectively with a Wasp Nest in Your Yard

The #1 way to deal with a wasp nest in your yard is to hire an Affordable Wasp Nest Removal Company and watch them do it for you. Working at heights and getting stung is not for everyone and isn’t worth the risk, even the experts have a tough time at times removing some wasp nests.

For the do it yourself people we’ve listed a few things that might go wrong if you try on your own.

Many people enjoy the sight of wildlife in their yard, but tolerance of nature usually has its limits when it comes to wasps, those infuriating spoilers of many a summer afternoon. These insects have a reputation for being aggressive, and although they will usually only sting when they’re threatened, if the nest is in danger then wasps will most certainly attack anyone nearby, and often in numbers.

Considering that some people suffer from a severe allergic reaction to wasp venom, and that wasps are capable of stinging multiple times, most people prefer to rid their property of any wasp colonies which become established. However, attempting to remove a nest on your own is fraught with danger.

There are several traditional ways of dealing with nests, none of which are particularly advisable for the amateur to attempt.

Fighting With 🔥

I’m not sure that I approve of this method, It just seems dangerous. Why risk burning your house down or starting a forest fire. Also, it seems like you’d have to get pretty close to the nest to attempt this method. Don’t bother trying this, it’s just not worth the risk!

Wasps’ nests are built from a fine paper-like material which burns readily, and many people assume that fire will be an effective way of solving a wasp problem. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to work well – it’s almost certain that some wasps will survive the brief inferno, and the ones that do will be very angry indeed. If you’re tempted to try burning a nest, wait until after dark when the insects will be less active, and ensure that there are no people around who might fall prey to an attack. Also, ensure all your windows and doors are securely closed, and warn your neighbors beforehand. Needless to say, burning is not a sensible tactic if the nest is located on or close to your home’s buildings.

A Mighty Flood

An alternative to fire is water, the idea being that flooding the nest will drown most of the wasps, and encourage the survivors to relocate elsewhere. Unfortunately, this technique is not likely to be successful, with a sudden and angry army of sting-happy wasps the most likely result. Using a hose to blast a nest apart has a certain appeal, but will usually be successful only in filling the air with buzzing attackers out for revenge.

The Brute Force Technique

It occurs to some people to attack a nest physically, using a baseball bat or similar weapon. This risks multiple stings, even before much damage has been done to the colony itself. It also requires you to be in close proximity to the nest, leaving you with little room for maneuver when you inevitably come under attack. Worse, even if you thoroughly destroy the nest itself, the vast majority of wasps will survive, and they won’t be in a happy frame of mind while they set about rebuilding.

Call in the Professionals

The safest and most effective way of clearing a wasp infestation is to enlist the help of a professional wasp nest pest controller. They will have the experience and knowledge to make a safe success of the job, as well as the correct equipment and access to products not available to the general public. They can remove all traces of an infestation, and offer advice on how to prevent the problem recurring. The obvious downside is that their services will cost money, but rates are usually very reasonable, and it’s a price worth paying for an efficient solution to a wasp problem.

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Being pestered by wasps can easily spoil a summer afternoon, but if you have a large nest then the problem can be dangerous rather than simply irritating. Tackling the problem yourself could lead to serious harm and is unlikely to be completely successful, so consider hiring a professional pest controller to do the job quickly and safely.

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